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A #globalguytalk can be arranged in many ways. We have developed several components that you can use as a starting point in your planning and implementation: guides for conversation leaders, introductory videos, and so on.

All material for participants and conversation leaders is available for free on this website. The material is designed for you to make local adaptations when needed easily. For example, you can select and deselect specific themes to best your local context and avoid themes that might be irrelevant or too sensitive. 

In some countries, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy are organizing a national #globalguytalk. Please contact them for possible cooperation! If they are not planning anything, don’t let that stop you! Host your own #globalguytalk and start a movement!

Preparation for conversation leaders

This manual for the conversation leader introduces the concept and gives tips and tricks for how to organize a #globalguytalk – digitally or physically. It contains information about preparations, how to carry them out, as well as how to reflect and evaluate. 

An introductory video for the conversation leader is available on YouTube. The video also serves as an in-depth introduction to the concept. The video is in English, but additional subtitling can be made to relevant languages, see instructions below under “Video for social media”. 

Guides for conversation leaders

There are nine different conversation guides, covering topics such as “dads”, “vulnerability”, and “avoidance”. Each manual contains several questions to choose from when hosting a #globalguytalk, and each guide is into different levels. The conversation leader decides in advance which questions to use and in which order. Here, you can generate a guide containing the topics and levels that suit the local context.

#globalguytalk on social media 

Previously, #globalguytalk has gotten a lot of traction on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag and to encourage participants to spread the word online. 

Apart from the above video for conversation leaders, a teaser film and four videos introducing different themes of #globalguytalk are available. The videos also work as an introduction to an actual #globalguytalk, and can be used as social media posts.

After hosting a #globalguytalk

Please register your #globalguytalk, where the talk took place and share a positive experience or what you will take with you!

Your reflections are anonymous. With your contribution, we can build a global map and show how many conversations have been held and where in the world.