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Have you been invited to participate in a #globalguytalk? Congratulations – it can be a life-changing experience! As a participant, you don’t really have to prepare for the #globalguytalk. But if you are curious, nervous, or just want to know more, keep reading.

A #globalguytalk can be arranged in many ways, physically or digitally. Typically, a conversation leader prepares the talk. He chooses from the nine different conversation guides, covering topics such as ’dads’, ‘vulnerability’ and ‘avoidance’. Each of these guides contains several questions to choose from. For example, he can select and deselect certain themes to best your local context and avoid themes that might be too sensitive. The conversation leader also has a manual that introduces the concept and gives tips and tricks for how to organize a #globalguytalk – digitally or physically. It contains information about preparations, how to carry them out, as well as how to reflect and evaluate. Have a look if you’re curious.

If you want to learn more about #globalguytalk and the organisations behind it, please read more about us and about the project.

Code of conduct

The topics covered in a #globalguytalk can at first feel uncomfortable or even sensitive. It is therefore important to respect other participants and their integrity. Participants in a #globalguytalk should follow a set of principles, which are also included in the manual for the conversation leader: 

  • Anything shared in the group stays in the group.
  • No recording or documenting.
  • Decide in advance how the conversation should be led and how you share the floor.
  • Avoid critiquing others and acknowledge that different people have different experiences or opinions.
  • It is never okay to say hurtful or offensive things, not about other men in the conversation or about anyone else.
  • By interpreting kindly, we assume that everyone means well and that we grow together through the conversation.
  • No one needs to ‘perform’, have a down-to-earth attitude.

#globalguytalk on social media 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag and to spread the word online! If applicable, add a local hashtag for your country. You can use the films here if you need some material for social media. 

Want more?

If you want to deepen your understanding of the concept of #globalguytalk, please watch the video for conversation leaders below