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Questions level 1

Theme: Avoidance

Warm-up statements – answer yes or no

  • There are things I don’t talk about with anyone.
  • I often joke about things that I find difficult to talk about in order to hide what I really feel.
  • When I feel down, I distract myself (for example by playing video games, sports or working out) so I don’t have to think about my feelings.
  • If I find a task difficult or boring, I often postpone dealing with it.


  • Sometimes we don’t act rationally when we’re feeling down; instead of dealing with these feelings, we might try to avoid them. Do you relate to this kind of behaviour? How? Possible follow-up questions: How do you avoid your problems? By sleeping, partying, working out, studying, eating, gaming or other ways?
  • How do you think people around you are affected when you avoid your problems? Feel free to give some examples. Possible follow-up question: Do you often think about how your feelings affect the people in your life?
  • What do you think happens if you avoid problems instead of dealing with them? How does it affect you? Possible follow-up question: Can you give examples on alternative strategies that might be better than avoiding your problems?