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Questions level 1

Theme: Friendship

Warm-up statements – answer yes or no

  • I feel comfortable hugging other guys. 
  • I act the same way around guys as I do around everyone else. 
  • I’m comfortable with showing emotions in front of other guys.
  • My male friends and I are good at supporting each other.


  • Have you ever experienced peer pressure? How did that feel? Possible follow-up question: Have you ever regretted something that your peers pressured you into doing?
  • Do you tell your male friends that you love them and that they are important to you? Why/why not? Possible follow-up question: Do your male friends tell you that they love you and that you are important to them?
  • Do you believe guys share their emotions with their friends less often than others? Possible follow-up questions: If so, why do you think that is? Would you like that to change between you and your friends? Why/why not?
  • Can you tell your friends if you’re angry or disappointed in them?