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Questions level 1

Theme: Parenthood and the role of a father


  • How have you tackled difficult events while transitioning into parenthood? For example: sleep deprivation, lack of energy, or increasing amounts of housework, planning and responsibilities? Possible follow-up question: How can you make sure that responsibilities and housework are shared equally between yourself and your partner/fellow parent?
  • Have you ever felt that the expectations on your relationship with your child/children are limited? For example: What you’re expected to do or be responsible for. Possible follow-up questions: If you were to disregard all of these expectations – what would the reaction be? Do you ever feel forced to do what’s expected of you?
  • In what way do you think expectations and norms of fatherhood have affected you? Have they affected your relationship with your child/children?
  • Do you feel that you have the tools and skills to be a good father? Possible follow-up questions: Compared to your partner, are you better or worse at expressing your emotions? What about other adults that are close to your child/children?
  • If you cannot carry children, how do you feel about not being able to be the pregnant parent? Possible follow-up question: Have you compensated for the fact that you can’t be the pregnant parent by taking on more responsibilities for the child/children? If so, is this true during the pregnancy as well as after childbirth?