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Questions level 1


  • What are the benefits of friendships? Possible follow-up question: Is there anything missing from your male friendships? 
  • How do you and your male friends react when somebody brings up a sensitive or difficult subject? Possible follow-up question: Are some subjects harder to talk about with male friends, compared to with women you know?
  • Think about a situation when you felt strong peer pressure. How did that feel? Possible follow-up question: Have your peers pressured you into doing something that you later regretted? 
  • If you’re new at a job/school/association and meet someone that you would like to spend time with outside of that context, how would you do that? Possible follow-up question: What does a friendship need for it to last?
  • Do you speak differently when there are only men present? How? Possible follow-up question: Do you speak differently when no men are present? How?
  • Are you uncomfortable hanging out with men without having any activities planned? Possible follow-up question: Are you comfortable hanging out with anyone when you don’t have an activity planned?