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Questions level 1 with questions about parental leave

Theme: The relationship with your partner/fellow parent


  • Do you and your partner/fellow parent take on an even share of any parental leave and childcare? Why/why not?
  • If you’re currently living with a partner/fellow parent, do you believe that having children has affected your opportunities to an equal relationship? Possible follow-up questions: Why do challenges arise when children are involved? What traps are there? What strategies can you use to get out of those traps – or avoid them all together?
  • Based on the previous question: do you and your partner/fellow parent discuss or have a system in place to reach equal parenthood? Possible follow-up questions: Who comforts, plans birthday parties, prepares lunch boxes, or takes care of the child’s/children’s personal hygiene? Who keeps track of their daily routines, schedules, play dates and activities? Who is responsible for doctor appointments or other big decisions, such as choosing a preschool? Who makes sure that you parents get some child free alone time?