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Questions level 2


  • How does it feel when you get jealous? Give examples. Possible follow-up questions: How have you previously reacted to jealousy? How would you like to react in the future?
  • How does it feel when someone questions you in front of others? Possible follow-up questions: Do you end up being defensive, or can you change your opinion if you realise that you’re wrong? Do you let others see that you’re reconsidering your opinion?
  • Do you find it difficult to apologise? Possible follow-up question: If so, what do you do instead of apologising?
  • How do you feel if someone close to you tries to drag you down in order to gain status? Give examples. Possible follow-up questions: Have you done this to someone else? What happened? 
  • Do you hide parts of yourself from others? Like attributes, behaviours, or parts of your appearance? Possible follow-up question: Do you hide the parts of yourself that are considered ‘unmanly’ or effeminate?