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How to use this guide

This guide contains several questions on the topic of sex that you can choose from when hosting a #globalguytalk. They have been divided into different categories. Decide which questions you will answer and in which order. Choose questions based on what is most suitable for the target group and the local context.


‘It wasn’t until I talked to my friends about sex that I realised what a common problem it was to have sex even if you don’t really feel like it. A few times, it’s been hard to say no because my partner expects me to want to have sex all the time… just because I’m a guy, I guess. I’ve also had the preconceived notion that men constantly want sex, so it has felt like something I’ve had to live up to. I was honestly relieved when I heard other guys talking about the same thing. It’s weird, isn’t it? I’m really practicing listening to myself and what I want – and of course what the other person wants. I guess that’s what “being a man” should be all about.’

These stories show you how you can open up and speak from the heart when joining the #globalguytalk. The topics in this guide are: sex, communication, sexual arousal, performance anxiety, sexualisation, porn, consent and more.

Warm-up statements – answer yes or no

  • I’ve felt sexually inadequate.
  • If I get the chance to have sex, I take it.
  • I’ve lost my libido during sex and kept going. 
  • I haven’t always considered what my sexual partner has wanted during sex.