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How to use this guide

This guide contains several questions that you can choose from when hosting a #globalguytalk for colleagues. They have been divided into different categories. Decide which questions you will answer and in which order. Choose questions based on what is most suitable for the target group and the local context.


‘At my first job, I worked with a guy that I really didn’t get along with. There was always something in the air, as if we never accepted each other and everything was a competition. One time, we had a huge argument, and I remember how ashamed I was of how I behaved. A few years later, we ended up talking about it. And the funny thing is that he felt the same way. He was afraid I didn’t like him, and he didn’t want to come across as a worse employee than me. And all this time, I felt the same! It’s a shame we didn’t talk about it earlier. We were enemies for so many years for no reason.’ 

This story shows you what can be discussed when joining the #globalguytalk. The topics below are ego, vulnerability, relationship, banter, avoidance and sexual harassment

The questions in the #globalguytalk for colleagues exceed what you usually have time for in one #globalguytalk session. Make sure you split the questions into one or two themes per session.